Saturday 2 January 2021

My 10 most viewed #blog posts of 2020

I wasn't as active on this blog as usual in 2020 - only 37 posts all year.  Here are the ten published last year that were viewed the most, with a countdown to the most viewed, because it's more fun!  I promise, for the non-believers, that they're not all Walking Dead related; only 4 of them!

If you would like to look at any of the posts, just click on the title :)

10. What To Avoid in Social Conversation - a tongue in cheek Twitter Tips post, based on Victorian/Edwardian society etiquette. (1121 views)

9.  10x15 The Tower - The Walking Dead episode review. (1136 views)

8.  10x14 Look At The Flowers - The Walking Dead episode review. (1148 views)

7.  The Visitor is Knocking on your Door... - introducing my latest book, The Visitor. (1283 views)

6.  The Animal Kingdom in the Zombie Apocalypse world  - Walking Dead gif post. (1287 views)

5.  Dinner Time - a Walking Dead gif post. (1564 views)

4.  To Go Free or not to Go Free? - an advisory post for writers, about doing free promotions. (1620 views)

3.  Lately I've Been Watching...  - one of my roughly-six-weekly TV review posts, this one from January. (1680 views)

2.  Wasteland is Live! - introducing Wasteland, which I published in April. (2087 views)

~ And the winner is.... ~

1.  Pauses for Thought: 10 pieces of advice for new writers/self-publishers  - I'm actually quite proud of this post, and have had a great deal of feedback from it, saying that it's been most helpful.  (2418 views)


  1. Excellent! Well done TT! I also did fewer posts this year last year. I think the total was 36, but my views dropped substantially when Google plus closed and then still more when I changed my blog address. I have never had these numbers, though. Maybe you could do a post on how to increase your blog audience...haha.

    1. Yo Val! The numbers just come from having a lot of Twitter followers, I think, and the fact that, for instance, posts about writing on there will have a massive audience! I believe @HughRoberts05 is the go-to chap on Twitter for all blogging adivce... but I suspect you're not really that bothered!! ;)