Tuesday, 10 May 2022

My 100 Favourite Songs - Part 4

Part 4 of my Top 100 Favourite Songs, the first 80 of which are in no particular order.  

I didn't intend for this to be about my own memories, just the songs themselves, but a few have crept in here!  Hope that works okay - enjoy!

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 Jealous Again The Black Crowes (1990)

Seen them a few times ... Donington 1991 and Glastonbury 1993 stand out.  Below video: me at each one!!  

Simone, on the right in the Glastonbury picture, was Italian, and pronounced them 'The Black Crow-ez' , i.e. as two syllables, with the 'Crow' bit to rhyme with 'vow'.  Don't know why that popped into my head!

Just Like Paradise - David Lee Roth (1988)

My sister, when we were on the way to see DLR at Wembley, on March 1st 1991 (St David's Day!!).  These days, our tube journeys are somewhat less rock 'n' roll.

Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)

The Doobie Brothers (1975)

Reminds me of a pub called The County Tavern in Northampton.  Was a good rocker/biker pub.  It's now a soulless place with varnished floorboards and menus on the tables, of course.

 Trampled Under Foot ~ Led Zeppelin (1975)

 Tired of Being Alone - Al Green (1971)

  I'm Not The Man I Used To Be - Fine Young Cannibals (1989)

When I bought this I was living with a friend who loved it too; that was in the days of vinyl singles, and we used to have it on repeat.

Might Just Take Your Life - Deep Purple (1974)

Skewiff (Mend The Fuse) - The Faces (1973)

One day the 14 year old me decided to play the B side of 'Cindy Incidentally', and was blown away.

Get up (I feel like being a) sex machine~  James Brown (1970)

 Free and Easy - The Almighty (1991)

Reminds me of the Lupus Club, a biker hangout in an old warehouse in Northampton.  It didn't have a licence, so there was a notice up saying that all drinks were gratis but you could donate a pound per beer to the club for expenses.  Awesome place, had some good bands on and it was open until everyone had gone home (in the days before 24 hour opening).  

The whole area was razed to the ground in the early noughties, including the winding cobbled streets behind, and now boasts a car park and lots of nasty shops like Aldi.  

Not so much 'Everything's so free and easy.  Everything's so free and wild'.  More 'Everything's so safe and neutral.  Everything's so cloned and bland'.  Kind of sums up the second half of the 20th Century versus the 21st.

The Tears of a Clown - Smokey Robinson and The Miracles (1967)

 8 Ball - Underworld (1998)

I particularly love 4.30 onwards - so beautiful

Cloudbusting - Kate Bush (1985)

Warszawa - David Bowie (1977)

Run Run Run - Jo Jo Gunne (1972)

 Pretzel Logic - Steely Dan (1974)

Seagull Bad Company (1974)

Was there ever such a summery summer record?

Join TogetherThe Who (1972)

Never was a Who fan, but I love this.


  1. In that pic of you at Donington, you look so like Mum when she was young! Also, do you remember after we'd done housework, we'd sing 'Everything's So Nice and Tidy'? Ha ha ha!

    1. 'Everything's so clean and fresh'!!

      I assume you mean the photo at Glastonbury, not Donington ROFL!! Hadn't occurred to be before, but now I look at it again I can see that I do.

  2. I meant to comment on this before but got stuck on the IPad issues. Love this, TT. Your fave Stones' songs are mine too, but I'm with you on many of the others here, including Bowie, Isley Brothers and Steely Dan.

  3. I imagine you will feel similarly about the two in my top twenty as well, then!! I thought you would have similar tastes to me :)