Monday 26 March 2012

The Golden Days of Stalking

Remember when your ex would crank call you?  Send pizzas and taxi cabs to your house?  Sign you up with 'Dateline'?  Get a sales rep from Stannah Stair Lifts to call on you?  Drive by in the wee hours of the morning blasting their horn?  Turn up wherever you are?  Nuisance call your parents? 

I miss those days. 

The internet's made it all too easy for them, hasn't it?


  1. Haha! Very true! In fact, I have a friend who had to close down her facebook because of a stalking ex. He knew everything about her and wasn't afraid to give her deets. She sent him a letter from an attorney to pish off. Worked so far but I'm now punished cuz she's not on my facebook anymore. Can't we just castrate the bastard and be done with it?

  2. What she need to do is what I did when I was getting trouble, and what many do - start one up with a pretend surname, and block the offenders. Then they can't even see you in a search, even if they could guess at your pretend surname - it's a shame she and her friends should have to suffer because of that nutter, eh!!!