Saturday 20 December 2014

I am now a member of ....

Thanks to fellow new member Vanessa Wester for giving me the idea of doing this post!

Rosie's book review team (click on big purple name above for more details) is NOT an author-author review team, which is what makes it so great. Authors joining as reviewers cannot have their own books featured for six months, and vice versa. There is no review swapping, in other words!  Most of the reviewers on the team are book bloggers, or simply avid readers, like Rosie.  Whereas Rosie would not allow a team member to completely trash a book, the reviews are always honest, something else that made me want to take part in this.  Books of most genres are included, as we all have different tastes; we select which books we want to read from the list provided.

We post our reviews on Amazon UK, and Goodreads, and on our own book blogs if we have one (I don't).  

Rosie's blog has many other features to interest the book lover: Rosie's Avid Readers, in which anyone can take part - simply recommend a favourite book (anything from a self-published one to an international bestseller) to Rosie and write a few words about it.  She also does themed months, such as Romancing September, which features a different book each day of the month along with a short interview with the author. This is always a great favourite!

If you love reading, I do hope you will follow Rosie's blog!


  1. Congratulations! You write such fabulous reviews TT I'm not surprised they welcomed you in!!

    1. I served my apprenticeship by having my books reviewed for 6 months first, Val! I didn't want to commit to reviewing before, but have come to love doing it so much that I wanted to. btw, have just read Jo Carroll's book about Laos, Nepal and Cuba - and reviewed, natch! Really liked it :)

  2. Thank you so much Terry, running a team is certainly hard work at times but I'm so glad we can get more reviews out there.