Thursday 23 July 2015

Would you BUY or PASS (9)?

My weekly contribution to Rosie Amber's Friday Five Challenge ~ if you know what it's all about, please go down to the line of red stars to see my choice for this week.  If not, please read on!

The Friday Five Challenge is an interesting exercise for writers ~ it shows the little things that can put potential readers off that click-buy.  We click on a book because the cover appeals to us, but can be put off a purchase by the blurb, the price, or the reviews.

Anyone with a blog can join in ~ here's what you do:


1) Go to any online book supplier
2) Randomly choose a category
3) Speed through the book covers, choose one which instantly appeals
4) Read the book bio/description, and any other details
5) If there are reviews, check out a couple
6) Make an instant decision: would you BUY or PASS?

You can check out others' contributions on the #FridayFiveChallenge hashtag on Twitter, or see links at the end of this page.

This week, as it is the first day of my star sign of Leo, I put the word 'Lions' into the Amazon search.  As usual, I waded through a few pages of naked male torsos (it seems this style of book cover is deemed suitable for all genres), and the first cover that appealed to me was that of The Lion's Mouth by Anne Holt.


I am attracted to anything that looks vaguely polar, so this worked for me - it's professionally done, too.  The testimonial on the front gave it an extra edge, too.

£2.99 for 320 pages - a fair price
Less than six months after taking office, the Norwegian Prime Minister is found dead. She has been shot in the head. But was it a politically motivated assassination or personal revenge?
The death shakes the country to its core. The hunt for her killer is complicated, intense and gruelling. Hanne Wilhelmsen must contain the scandal before a private tragedy becomes a public outrage, in what will become the most sensitive case of her career...
This is a story of lies, intrigue and politics. The Lion's Mouth questions who holds the power in Norway, and how far they will go to use it.

I'm not a huge lover of crime/political intrigue, but I am interested in Norway, and this is a well written blurb; it sounds great, actually!

Seven on Amazon UK - an average of 3.3.  Not good!  They mostly say the plot is thin and unconvincing, with loose ends that didn't tie up, and that this author has written better books.  I looked on .com, too, and the reception was equally lukewarm.

Would I BUY or PASS?
PASS ~ the Norway aspect tempted me to download on Kindle Unlimited, rather than buy, until I read the reviews.  A plot like this has to really work, or it just ... doesn't.  Shame.

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  1. I’d have been tempted by this one too, shame about the reviews

    1. Yes - if more than a couple say the same thing....!

  2. Oh what a shame! I was totally hooked on this one - the cover, the blurb... until the reviews, which usually I wouldn't read! So that just goes to show - a PASS from me too.

    1. I always read reviews, G. I was disappointed too - I've got a bit of a fascination for Norway.

  3. Not a common setting for a book, so that makes it attractive than all those set in America, shame the plot doesn't live upto readers expectations. Not a genre I read amny books in, so a Pass from me too.

    1. Perhaps I should put Norway in my search next time!!! It was how I discovered Dylan Morgan actually, cos he lives there.

  4. Really like that cover - looks professional. Shame about the reviews. Not keen on this genre so it would have to be excellent to tempt me. A pass from me too!

    1. Yes - all goes to show it's down to the book itself!

  5. Oh what a shame! Especially as it's political and there is too short a supply of political fiction. Like the concept of 'buy or pass' though so may give it a go on my blog!

    1. Please do, Emma - Rosie's aim was to get lots of new people joining in, and you can copy and past the top bit from my post, it only actually takes me about half an hour to do the whole post. Political fiction isn't my bag, as you know, but I know there isn't a great deal of it.

  6. Funny that. The cover, blurb and testimonial are very appealing to someone like me, but with only a 3.3 rating on both Amazon sites, I think I'd pass on it too. Just goes to show that in the end, reviews count for more when it comes to clicking that 'buy' button!

    1. Absolutely, vallypee! And more or less all of us have said the same - proves that reviews do matter, yes. I notice that that a couple of us who do this regularly check out some of the reviewers if it's all "5* the most brilliant novel in the world* too - and discount those 'by friends' reviews as irrelevant - IF there aren't any others that echo them. If there are, fair enough :)