Monday 16 November 2015

The Z Files: Annie Lyons ~ Capricorn

Astrology ~ a bit of fun, a load of rubbish, or something to take seriously?

I invited around 70 writers/bloggers to write a piece about how typical they are of their sign, and how its traits affect their writing life ~ if at all...

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A big welcome today to another bestselling chick lit author and one of the UK Carina group, Annie Lyons ~ a sceptical Capricorn.  I laughed when I read her piece, because one of my and my sister's long-standing astrological jokes is "I don't believe in all that astrology rubbish; very sceptical, we Capricorns" ~ I pass you over to Annie so she can tell you more!

Like so many on-the-surface-staid Capricorns, Annie has a 'wacky' side, too!!

"When I was a teenager, the only magazine that any self-respecting thirteen-year-old would be seen dead with was Just Seventeen (by the time we were seventeen, it was CosmopolitanJust Seventeen was for babies). My friends and I would read it on the bus on the way to school and one of our favourite pages was the horoscope page. 

I tell myself that I’ve grown up since those days, that astrology is for teenagers, that you can make characteristics fit anyone. And yet... 

You see I’m a Capricorn and they are goats stubborn and unmovable. I am stubborn. No-one is going to tell me what to think. I already know what’s what. So I approach the notion of astrology with scepticism. Apparently this is a Capricorn trait too. Hmmm…"

"I dig a little deeper but with caution - apparently this is also common to my star sign. I consider my writing and how my career began after I was made redundant. My practical side (another Capricorn trait) wanted to find something to do alongside my new job as ‘Chef de fish fingers’ for two small people."

"Once I realised I could do it, something sparked inside me (perhaps that Capricorn determination?) and I kept trying until I was offered a publishing deal.  

I have always tried to be casual about this writing lark. I don’t mind if it works, I am using my creative energy and that is enough. Pah! Who am I kidding? I want to be best friends with JK Rowling and have all my books made into films. And there’s that Capricorn ambition, right there.  

So maybe, I do share some traits of the goat but the one I do believe in and try to put at the forefront of everything I do, is humour. I want to laugh and make people laugh because humour unites and enriches our lives. I try to carry this into my writing and when promoting my books on social media. I find it impossible to take myself too seriously. I write books for a living. I’m not saving lives here. 

All in all, I remain the healthy sceptic I’m supposed to be and I’ll take the stubbornness on the chin. Just remember if we get into an argument, I won’t back down but I might try to make you laugh at the same time!"

A very well balanced and positive example of the sign, I'm sure you agree :)  I've always thought Capricorn must be one of the more difficult signs to be; I used to have a good goatly friend who often said, 'you're so lucky being a golden summer lion instead of a dark, depressed goat' - or maybe that was just her; Annie doesn't sound dark and depressed at all!

If you would like to follow Annie on Twitter, she's HERE, and if chick lit is your thing you can find out more about her books on her blog; she writes on lots of other subjects besides her books and writing, though; I really liked one post  a couple of months ago about the modern trend for everything having to be shared, via social media, all the time.

Now, let's find two suitable Capricorn writers to struggle determinedly up that mountain with Annie...

Must have been similarly ambitious ~ the fabulously successful Diana Gabaldon
author of the Outlander series

... and hugely accomplished romantic drama author, Nicholas Sparks.  

Coming up next ~ a delightful, homely and NOT crabby Cancerian!

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  1. I agree T a very well balanced and positive example of the sign ~ feeling ever so slightly sick about mine coming now...Annie, you sound lovely, it's great to find out more about you and as a fellow goat I totally get the casual versus ambition comments - haha!

    1. Georgia, don't worry AT ALL, please, your post is a really good one! xx

  2. Thanks Georgia - I'm glad it struck a chord. Lovely to meet a fellow goat and look forward to reading yours soon!

  3. Brilliant! You certainly made me laugh, Annie. Great to read more about you :-)

  4. Annie sounds very Capricorn to me. As I think I've mentioned on one of these posts, my two closest friends ever are Capricorns and they are both endlessly good natured and cheerful with bags of humour...although they both have their black days. Annie, you gave me a good chuckle with this. Loved it!

  5. I really enjoyed meeting Annie here on your blog, Terry. It's great to see another sceptic meet the astrological criteria. Humour is definely a strength and the ability to make others laugh is a wonderful gift. Love the role of chef. I think I've been in the same one on occasions.