Wednesday 4 November 2015

Walkthrough ~ Black Death ~ Mega Brutal ~ Plague Inc

(For Plague Inc addicts only, ie, nothing to do with the usual stuff on my blog!)

For other walkthroughs, click PLAGUE INC MEGA BRUTAL WALKTHROUGHS tag at bottom of this post.

Android only, on my tablet - I don't know if it works on Xbox One or any other device.

I found the difficulty with Black Death was getting everyone to infect quick enough, without killing them all off too early - if the game mutates Total Organ Failure on its own, you might as well give up and start again!

I've played it a few times using this exact sequence, the 2nd time it didn't work because New Zealand and the Phillipines didn't infect.

DNA Genes: Cytochrome Surge

Travel GenesTeracyte

Evolution Genes: Patho-Stasis

Mutation Genes: Genetic Mimic

Environment Genes: Xerophile

Start the plague in Egypt.  India has worked for me in the past, I've tried Brazil and that's hopeless.

Activate in this order:
Flea 1
Drug Resistance (DR) 1
Pneumonic Plague
Water 1

(Note nice balance of infectivity and protection!)
About now, they'll be starting the cure.

Genetic Hardening (GH) 1 and 2
DR 2
Air 1
Cold Resistance (CR) 1 and 2
Water 2
Air 2
Sweating (it's hard to make it spread in Russia, Canada and Greenland; these help)
Rodent 1
Bird 1

I had loads of points around now but the cure was still pretty low, so I concentrated on getting everyone infected, you see!)

Septicemic Plague
Blood 1 and 2
Extreme Bioaerosol (EB)
Bird 2
Livestock 1

During this time it mutated Paralysis, and Cysts; I devolved cysts to get 2 points back, but kept paralysis.

At this point the whole world was infected, with the cure at 60%.

I devolved EB, Air 2, CR1 and CR2 to get 6 points back.

I activated:
Genetic Reshuffle (GRes) 1
GRes 2 (when cure at 67%)
DR 3
GRes 3

During this time it mutated Immune Suppression, Sneezing and Hypotension; I kept them as I wasn't desperate for points and I thought it probably wouldn't refund me any, anyway.

When the cure was at 81% I got Hardened Reshuffle.

By then the cure had slowed right down, and I spent the remaining points on a couple of things like Systemic Infection, to speed up the end of the world!

Ended with the cure at 94%, game finished giving me 23806 points.


  1. Crumbs Terry - it's a world apart! But enjoy the game ... I think I'll go to New Zealand if they can stay uninfected! Cheers Hilary

    1. Ha ha! As I've said to a couple of others, Hilary, these posts are not meant for general consumption, but for those who play these games - lots of people look up these 'walkthroughs' on Google. I should really put them on a separate blog, but I haven't got time to start one :)

  2. i tried this twice but always 1 country screws it up!

    1. Isn't it always like that??? One country that just won't infect/spread! Seem to remember Angola was always one for that. You can always keep trying but make your own tweaks, I know that was how I arrived at all these :)

  3. Just used this on normal mode- 604 days, 2 biohazards and a score of 36989 and cure at 65%. Thanks for the strategy!

  4. Think you could try out doing a guide for the Global warming scenario? I can't beat that one on Mega Brutal no matter how much I try :(

    1. I haven't played Plague for some time, AG, but I go through phases - I'll have a look at it next time. It's sometimes taken me up to 40 tries to beat it. I find the best way it to work through the levels, and modify my strategy as it gets harder.

  5. It didn’t work for me maybe it because I play in different version but still I appreciate the effort you put into making this guide