Wednesday 23 December 2015

My Top 25 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2015

View figures taken on December 21st, when I started compiling this post.  I've looked at posts from both my book review and my general blog; via those two combined, I've written a total of 208 posts this year, which seems ridiculous!  

Here are the Top 25 ~ I hope you see something that you might like to read or revisit, but the list itself might be interesting to other bloggers, as it shows the types of posts that result in the most views. 

In reverse order....

25.  My review for Bridget Whelan's Back To Creative Writing School 
has been viewed 1444 times. 

24.  With 1481 views, All The Sundays Of My Life, 
~ a little bit of nostalgia!

23.  Hmmm....for some reason, 1543 people were interested 
in reading my views on and experiences in Internet Dating...:)

22.  My review of Mark Barry's Once Upon A Time In The City Of Criminals, which has featured in the top ten most viewed posts of my book blog for much of the year.  Currently at 1660 views.

21.  In late August I began The Zodiac Files, with writers talking about their star signs:  Anne Goodwin's post about being a not very typical Leo gained 1679 views. 

20.  My Top 24 Books of 2015, which I imagine will get a lot more than its current 1705 views by the time we get into the New Year!

19.  Taurean Val Poore's post on The Zodiac Files1751 views

18.  Just ahead of Val, Georgia Rose's Capricorn post on The Zodiac Files has had 1757 views.

17.  My moan about that site had 1811 views ~  

16.  It's all about the earth signs ~ Barb Taub's (hilarious!!) Virgo Zodiac Files post had 1826 views.

The joy of favourite old clothes gained 1835 views.

14.  Sagittarius writer Katrina Mountfort's Zodiac Files post 
was viewed by 1861 people

13.  In May, I had a bit of a moan about the awful UPSELLING  in shops ~ 
this has had 1980 views to date.

12.  Another Zodiac Files post has so far gained 2020 views ~  
Sacha Black talked about being a Pisces.

11.  2039 people have viewed my short story, Karmaville
my imaginary social networking village :)

The Top Ten
(I love countdowns...:)

10. Back in January, I wrote about my six week reading marathon ~ 

9.  Last month's in depth discussion about writing according to 'the rules' ~ 2169 views for 

8.  Posts about writing, self-pub and promotion are always so popular ~ 
2498 views for Be Visible, Be Discovered 

7.  Another Zodiac Files post ~ the first few gained so much interest!  
2573 views for Aquarius/Capricorn writing duo Nicky Black 

6.  More books and writing ~ 
my January advice post on writing Book Blurbs  got 2635 views.

The Top Five

5.  This was my first post for The Zodiac Files; it's not surprising it did well as it was a new idea: 2988 views.  
Read about me and my sister HERE (Leo and Aries)

Taken in 1991!!!

4..... but the second one did even better!  
Gemini Shelley Wilson's post got a whopping 3241 views.

3.  You can't beat a 'how to' post, I suppose: my third most viewed post of 2015 was a bit of advice inspired by my year of reviewing books for Rosie Amber's book blog:  
NOT another 'how to write' post, but it may help new writers.

2.  This was a surprise, but I'm just glad people wanted to take a look ~ 
4952 views for my post about My new book ~ The House of York

1.  My most viewed blog post this year ~ I was and still am amazed that 5774 people viewed my January post about My 10th book on Amazon ~ Last Child.  It's my most viewed post since I started the blog almost four years ago - so I've got something to beat in 2016!

Thank you for reading, tweeting, retweeting, commenting and sharing on other sites ~ and a huge thank you to all those who have taken part in The Zodiac Files :)

Merry Christmas and happy new year xx


  1. Wow, Terry! What figures! It just shows how incredibly popular your blog is! And great to see how many Z files are in there too. I feel very honoured to be among them. A great run down! Looking forward to more of your posts next year :) Have a good one TT! xxx

    1. Thank you, dear V; I was pleased you were in it too! Am busy writing at the moment so have been just whizzing through a bit of Twitting when at the end of the day.

      Have a lovely one, too! xx

  2. *squeals* you've just made my day!! I'm so proud to have made your list but to hit the top five!! Wow. I've throughly enjoyed reading both your blogs this year, and I've learnt SO much! (to avoid internet dating!) Here's to a fantabulous 2016. Xxx

    1. Oh, I dunno, I think I'd still give ID a whirl - my 61 year old friend has just met this really cool guy; both are 'me' sort of over 55s who were fed up with meeting old fogey type 60 year olds... and now they've met each other! :)

      Thanks, and you too, Shelley xx

  3. That is a staggering number of posts you put up Terry and I'm thrilled to be amongst the top most viewed :-) Huge numbers!! Very impressed! Many thanks for all your support over the year, it is very much appreciated Gx

    1. Says to me that I need to spend more time writing, and less time blogging, G! Thank you for being such a soooper Z Files guest, and for all YOUR support over the year - hope you're managing to have a bit of a rest now! xx