Sunday 13 December 2015

The Z Files: Judith Barrow ~ Scorpio

Astrology ~ a bit of fun, a load of rubbish, or something to take seriously?

I invited around 70 writers/bloggers to write a piece about how typical they are of their sign, and how its traits affect their writing life ~ if at all...

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Yes, it's yet another Scorpio... a Yorkshire writer living in Wales, the author of very popular family dramas, Judith Barrow.  I've read and reviewed her compelling, warts-and-all trilogy about the fortunes of one family during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s; you can read my reviews HERE.  Judith is also a creative writing tutor, and a keen reader/reviewer for Rosie Amber's Review Team.

Here she is with Mr Barrow, who very kindly put her straight about her November born traits, as you will see below.... come and whip your Scorpio tail at us, Judith! :)

"Not having been confronted by the traits of a typical Scorpio before, now I look it up I’m not sure I want to be one; not with words like Jealous, Possessive, Manipulative, Controlling.

Throwing my pen across the table and giving a snort of disgust, I tell my husband, ‘I think my mother got the dates wrong; I think I’m more Sagittarius, I’m only six days out.

He slowly shakes his head without looking up from the newspaper. ‘It says Sagittarians are unemotional.’

Ah, I think. So…

Scorpios … deep, intense, passionate. Yep, like that; do like that.
Loyal. That’s better."

"Dynamic, Resourceful. I can feel a warm glow inside me; they’ve got it spot on!

Observant. Definitely; as I writer I have to be. Although someone has called it being nosey before now–just because I ask questions and don’t give up until I get the answers. 

Unyielding?’ he suggests.

‘Oh no, I’m not. Not at all.’  I glare at him.

He looks at me over his glasses. ‘How do you feel about being “suspicious?”’

Now, why would he say that?"

I love it!  Well done, Judith, a typical Scorpio personality portrayed in so few words ~ which is very Scorpio in itself, of course.  You can see Judith's blog HERE, and follow her on Twitter.

Judith has strong Welsh links, living in Pembrokeshire as she does, and being published by Honno, who cater for all things book and Welsh, so who could I choose for her first famous Scorpio writer if not....

....Mr Literary Wales himself, Dylan Thomas? 

My second choice is a lady who fixed me with 
a steely Scorpio glare even from Wikipedia and, like Judith, is famed 
for her gritty working class dramas ~ Beryl Bainbridge.


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  1. Fabulous! Love it! Now I've discovered Judith's books too, I am pleased to know she has all the good qualities of a scorpio, and the negative ones? Well, they just help her to write realistic characters 😉. Lovely to learn more about you, Judith!

    1. Aw, thank you - I do try to be good - mostly. And thank you for your kind comments on the books.jx

  2. Very funny Judith and Terry, very observant Mr Barrow! Love Judith's books and her support for the writing community.

  3. One of the most annoying things about husbands is the way they sometimes know you better than you do yourself! Lovely to find out more about you Judith. x

    1. Thanks, Rose, Usually he just has to look at me to know what I'mm thinking. Hmm, he does laugh a lot, come to think on it.Jx