Tuesday, 14 November 2017

PATIENT ZERO: Out Now! #PostApocalyptic #ShortStories #Survival #Dystopian

Patient Zero
 FREE on Sunday 19 November only!
Stand alone post apocalyptic short stories 

And the first book in the series, Tipping Point
is just 99p/99c from Nov 19-23


Patient Zero blurb:

The year is 2024.

A mysterious virus rages around the UK.

Within days, 'bat fever' is out of control.

Patient Zero is a collection of nine 'stand-alone' short stories featuring minor characters from Tipping Point and Lindisfarne, the first two novels in the Project Renova series.  Please click the titles of the books to see the reviews on Amazon.

1.  Jared: The Spare Vial
Jared has two vaccinations against the deadly virus: one for him, one for a friend...

2.  Flora: Princess Snowflake
The girl with the perfect life, who believes in her father, the government, Christian charity and happy endings.

3. Jeff: The Prepper
What does a doomsday 'prepper' do when there is nothing left to prepare for?

4. Karen: Atonement
She ruined her sister's last day on earth, and for this she must do penance.

5. Aaron: #NewWorldProblems
Aaron can't believe his luck; he appears to be immune.  But his problems are far from over.

6. Meg: The Prison Guard's Wife
Meg waits for her husband to arrive home from work.  And waits...

7. Ruby: Money To Burn
Eager to escape from her drug dealer boyfriend's lifestyle, Ruby sets off with a bag filled with cash.

8.  Evie: Patient Zero
Boyfriend Nick neglects her.  This Sunday will be the last time she puts up with it.  The very last time.

9. Martin: This Life
Life after life has taught the sixty year old journalist to see the bigger picture.

The next novel in the series, UK2, will be available around late spring/early summer 2018.

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