Monday 13 November 2017

On This Day... Carol saves it again! S8:4 Some Guy #TWD #TheWalkingDead

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Season 8 Episode 4: Some Guy

Someone told me I would need to get my hanky out in tonight's episode ~ there was me thinking it was just about the demise of the lovely Daniel!

The Lovely Daniel

The contrast of the rousing Braveheart stuff at the beginning, compared with the reality, was so well done ~ and finally we saw the man beneath the crown, who had never really done much fighting at all.  Not like the totally awesome Carol, who saved the day once more.  Like with the hand grenade at the CDC in Season 1, and the explosion at Terminus in Season 5, she kept her wits about her when all around her were losing theirs.  Makes you wonder if, during those long evenings in A&E when she was married to Ed, she used to read self-help books called 'Discover Your Inner Post-Apocalyptic Warrior'.

The best bit of all was the sight of Daryl steaming down the road on the Dixon Machine, after the Saviours and their Big Guns.... with Rick following.  Btw, anyone else noticed that Daryl has been wearing the same shirt since he escaped from the Sanctuary?  

If he'd like to come round to my house and take it off, I'll wash it for him.  No worries.

Had I read the recent comic books I would have known that Shiva was to die, though I didn't think it was as sad as the death of Buttons the horse in S5... if only you'd been able to catch him, Daryl! 

At least we won't have to listen to anymore of Ezekiel's pantomime speeches, though I felt so sad for the sorry figure he cut, as he walked through his expectant subjects at the end....  

But at least you've got the guns, Rick 😉


  1. Carol was fantastic!! I loved the 'shooting from above' scene when she took out the saviours. She's the calm in the storm for me. Shiva!!!! How could you not shed a tear over the death of the CGI cat? My daughter ran out of the room when she realised what was coming - taking our cat with her haha. I may have cheered at the sight of Daryl and Rick hurtling after the guns. I know you don't watch the Talking Dead but they showed a little interview with Norman about that scene. He said Andrew nearly killed him five times as he kept hitting the brakes on the jeep haha. Andrew said he was a fabulous driver but was used to driving on the left. Any interview with these two is hilarious. Lots of talk about this episode being dull as there was minimal dialogue but I loved it!

    1. Haaaaa - bet that was carefully scripted for the fans.... because they know we love it!!!! Maybe not... and yes, yes, I would have loved it too! I feel that AL and NR are genuinely decent people, and I love all I have read about Andrew's dedication to the role. It shows; I think he's one of the best actors in it. He's worked the progression of the Rick character perfectly. And the way NR delivers those onep-liners... This episode DULLL????? I was on the edge of the bed!!! Thanks for your views as always, Shelley xx

  2. Gutted...I always hate it when the animals are killed off. I'm really struggling with this season. Still not feeling it but will be there again next week...

    1. Ah yes, of course.... Which were your favourite seasons, and why don't you like this so much? I always find that each episode is 100% better on second viewing - you see all the little detail that you can miss first time round.