Monday, 25 December 2017

Five of my books are #FREE from Dec 25 ~29!

Five FREE from Dec 25-29

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All have stacks of reviews from book bloggers and the reading public.

Kings and Queens 
Genre: Romantic suspense, family drama.
The story of property developer Harry Lanchester and the six women in his life spans the years 1971-2007, and mirrors that of Henry VIII and his six wives.  Meet charismatic PR girl Annette Hever, former lap dancer Keira Howard... and nanny Hannah Cleveley.

...while the sequel, Last Child, is just 99p/99c from Dec 25~31.  Last Child features the three children of Harry Lanchester: Isabella, Erin and Jasper (the modern day counterparts of Mary, Elizabeth and Edward).  If you know nothing of or are not interested in the historical aspect, both books can be read just as contemporary family dramas.

Round and Round 
Genre: Romantic suspense, paranormal
A novella based up on the idea of the paths our lives might have taken, had we made different decisions ... features Sophie, at a crossroads in her life as her 40th birthday approaches, and a guardian angel.

What It Takes 
Genre: Romantic suspense, family drama, psychological drama
A tale of sibling rivalry, jealousy, stalking, and how far we will go to win the heart of the one we love.

You Wish 
Genre: Psychological drama 
My first self-published novel; it's all about being careful what you wish for!

Nine Lives 
A collection of assorted short stories.