Saturday 9 December 2017

Quick Predictions for HOW IT'S GOTTA BE: S8:8 of #TheWalkingDead....

S8:7 Time for After
S8:6 The King, The Widow and Rick 
The Many Faces of Daryl Dixon: character study 

I do not watch spoiler videos, read spoiler articles or read the comics.... this is just what I think will (and won't) happen!

  • Not today, not tomorrow.... and not S8:8, either.  I don't think Rick will get to kill Negan yet; we'll be hanging on into the next half-season.
  • Eugene's cowardice and treachery towards AHK will bite him on the ass.  He'll be gone... possibly by the hand of his benefactor?
  • Gabriel will die, and it will be really, really sad, but he will say lots of super-profound things (probably to Rick) first.
  • Gregory will be strung up by the imprisoned Saviours.
  • Anyone who softened towards Negan when he talked about his wife will be reminded that yes, this guy is a total psycho.  Someone else will meet Lucille.  Could it be Dwighty-Boy?  Possibly, but not before he has had a 'moment' with Daryl....
  • ....and, before Dwight breathes his last breath, maybe he will save Daryl and Tara from an fate worse than or actual death.
  • Morgan or Henry will get to kill Jared Saviour.
  • We will be left with a dangling thread equal to the end of S6 ~ possible another unseen victim of Lucille? 

  • Ezekiel will go into therapy.
  • Michonne and Jadis will have a bitch-fight when Jadis tries to jump Rick's bones.
  • Carl will invite Sadiq to become a regular and prominent member of the cast.
  • Dr Carson will cure the Walker plague with an infusion of 'erbs.
  •  Regina will remember that she's not a real member of the cast and that before this half-season no one had ever seen or mentioned her, and oblige us all by getting herself killed.
  • Rick and Daryl will get clean shirts.
  • Jesus will turn water into wine... no, I'm getting silly here.)

~ Roll on Monday! ~


  1. Ha ha, love it! I think you could be spot on with most of your predictions here, Terry. I'm actually looking forward to Eugene's departure. I'm also hoping that Carol can reach Ezekiel and he goes out in a blaze of glory - FOR SHIVA!!!!!!! Oh, and who is Regina? ;)

    1. Ah, Is Ezekiel supposed to die??? No, no, don't tell me...!

      Ha ha, re Regina ;)

  2. Oh I love this! The only thing I would change is that Negan, when his time comes, is hoisted by his own petard and feels the wrath of Lucille

    1. Aye, nowt like a good petard - and I never thought of that. But no one except Negan would administer such an inhumane death, surely!!!

  3. Completely agree- someone will be Lucille'd. Most likely Dwight. He's had a good arc tho, and the actor did such a fantastic job that there'll always be a D-shaped hole in the show from now till they wrap

    1. There must be no wrapping, Scott!!!!! It might just go on, and on....

      I think Dwight could have a bit more story yet, but, sadly, I don't think he will.

  4. Hey Terry; I can tell you about the “possible” fates for Negan, Ezekiel, and Rosita if you want. ;-) And I’m with Shelley: who the heck is Regina?

    If Gabriel dies it won’t be sad at all, I don’t think I’m invested in him as much as the majority of others. I do think either Dwight or Eugene will die, but I’m undecided who it should, or will, be. By all accounts there’s to be a shocking death in this mid-season finale ... for me the only shocking death would be one of the main cast who has been there since season one.

    We’ll see ...

  5. Oh no, does that mean Rosita is going to die???? She's one of my favourites. Ezekiel, couldn't care less, the big drama queen, and Negan... well... but no, don't tell me!

    Regina is the outpost leader with the short hair and leather waistcoat who has suddenly appeared at the Sanctuary this season.

    Yes yes, I know you think it has to be Daryl, Rick, Morgan, Carl or Carol (the only 5 who have been in it since Season 1!), but we've already lost too many of them!!! Wouldn't mind if it was Morgan, but NOT the other 3 - no other show kills off its main cast members all the time, give or take the odd Ned Stark and Ragnar Lothbrok, so why you are so eager for it to happen in TWD I don't know!!! :D :D :D. The whole show is about their survival, that's the point of it, isn't it? I know we think differently on this one!!

    Suppose it will be Rosita, then. And King Zeke. Yeah, I can live without Gabriel, too. I wonder if Eugene will bring about Rosita's death... particularly pertinent, as she is one of those who protected him since Houston.

  6. I love to read your predictions. I can live without a lot of regulars just as long as Rick, Daryl, Carol and Michonne keep standing. Rosita, Tara, Eugene, Jesus, yes and even Maggie and Carl can be gone. I'm so anxious for this episode. Am almost afraid to watch.