Monday 2 April 2018

So many reflections of the past ~ Review #TheWalkingDead S8:14 STILL GOTTA MEAN SOMETHING

Last week: Review Do Not Send Us Astray

Well, I hope no one failed to notice that Carol found the missing Henry in a place almost identical to Sophia's final hideaway.... if not, you should go back and watch S2:1 What Lies Ahead immediately!

'...keep the sun on your right shoulder...'

The 'tears in my eyes' award goes to Rick telling Michonne he loved her, and vice versa; it's not something you often hear on TWD.  One of the things I totally rate about the show is that romantic shenanigans do not feature highly; this means that on the rare occasions we see a bit of love stuff, it has such an impact.  I'm such a Richonne fan, and yes, losing Andrรฉ affected her in the same way as Carl's death has him: she just fought through it.  Oh, and writers, we want to know what was in Carl's letter ~ I thought we were going to hear it, read out in his voice!  Or maybe that's for the finale.


So many reminders of the lost children this week ... when Rick asked Morgan why he saved him in S1:1 Days Gone Bye, I knew it was going to be all about Duane...  there's something about Morgan's 'I don't die' stance that makes me think that when the end comes (and I hope it won't be for many more seasons), he and Rick will still be together, as they were at the beginning.

I think this season is getting better and better.  I am not one of those 'waving the banner for women' people, in particular, but a theme I noticed in this episode was conversations in which the women were emotional but still practical, while the men were just emotional: when Carol talked to both Morgan and Ezekiel, when Michonne talked to Rick, when Tara talked to Daryl....the guys were off on their personal missions (or just skulking around at Hilltop, in Ezekiel's case), while Maggie, Rosita and Diane were in the office talking about bullets.  

So many reflections of the past and so much to think about in this episode ~ the helicopter!  Ideas, anyone?  As for the Jadis and Negan scenario, yes, yes yes, it's all very sad that his wife was called Lucille, but let us not forget that her namesake is a weapon used to beat in the skulls of total angels like Glenn.  Sorry, Negan, I'm not moved, however hunky you are!  btw, I did like Jadis's unexpected super-clean hideaway, complete with pull-along suitcase. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Good ol' Mr 90°!!

...and good old Alden for telling Rick where to find the escaped Saviours... loved it when Rick repeated the 'there's not a lot that means much these days, but a man's word has gotta mean something' speech that he gave the guy in the yellow trousers before Daryl shot him in S8:3 Monsters, but this time didn't intend to keep to it, either: 'I lied'.  

Maybe he lied this time because he doesn't feel there is much to fight for now....  I'm sure Michonne will talk some sense into him.

Didn't you love the look on Morgan's face when Evil Jared was chewed up by Walkers, following the shutting of the handy concertina-type sliding door?  One more down, just Simon and Negan to go.... 


Meanwhile, back at the Sanctuary, the smiling snake Eugene comes out to collect his bullet making materials.  Rosita, you should have shot him, right there. 

 And finally.... who did Negan pick up on his way back?  I think it was Dwight, having wondered if it was Gregory, then Simon.  Any thoughts?

Days Gone Bye....

This time, she went and found him herself :)


  1. SO many thoughts going through my head!!! Jadis kept checking her watch (& packed her wheelie case) which means she was expecting the helicopter!!! She must know who it is! I almost cheered when nasty Jared got eaten! Totally agree that Eugene needs a bullet to the brain! Not sure about Negan’s passenger. What about the girl who escaped that knows Dwight was helping the good guys? Oh, my brain is boggled! Can’t wait for next week :)

    1. Oh yes, silly me, I didn't notice that re Jadis/helicopter!!! I am gagging to find out what it is!! Maybe something to do with Georgie??

      Good shout re Negan's passenger - you mean Laura? I just LOVED Morgan's face when Jared was being eaten. Cold as ice!

  2. Wow...sounds like so much happened. Watching tonight!! Love your thoughts on Rick & Morgan
    ...and yes, what did Carl write in those letters? Great question.

    1. I am sure we will find out! I actually freeze-framed the one to Negan when Rick was reading it ;) Could read most of it.

  3. Hey Terry! I've just realized that I haven't commented on any of your posts during this second half of the season. My bad.

    Anyway, yes, agree, this season is getting better (but as the first half wasn't much of anything that's not a hard thing), and I hope the last two episodes will be pretty explosive. As to this week I thoroughly enjoyed Jared's death, and wondered if the sound of walkers was music to his ears when he was the one being torn apart.

    Morgan has lost it totally (and I could tell you something about his longevity on this show, as it seems you haven't heard the news ... if you want me to), and I don't think there is a way back for him. Unlike Rick, who could change his ways after reading Carl's letter. Right now he's just a cold-blooded killer and a worse leader than Negan ever was; at least Negan can see the big picture, which Rick doesn't seem able to do right now.

    And mentioning Negan, he's one of my favorite characters simply because of his entertainment value -- "If shit could shit, it still wouldn't look as shitty as you." Hands down the best line I've ever heard on TV. I think if he was given an entire episode to flesh out his backstory, people might look at him differently. I too thought he'd collected Dwight, but I think Shelley might be right! If it is that lady, Dwight and Simon had better get their shitting pants on, and I'm looking forward to Simon's demise.

    Good review!

    1. Aha - a friend suggested it might be Laura - you know the one who knows that Dwight is a traitor! Because she's still out there, and no one seems to know where she is.

      I don't know anything about Morgan - I never read spoilers, I take care not to, or anything about what's in the comics, because I like to be surprised!

      Totally disagree re Rick being worse than Negan. Think of how Negan laughed at everyone's torment after he killed Glenn and Abraham, and while he did it. That is true psycho stuff. His way of getting people round to his way of thinking (his 'big picture' is taking people's supplies for his own people) is to murder one of them so they're too scared not to. He burned that guy Mark's face with an iron for meeting up with his girlfriend Emma, because he (Negan) had decided he wanted her for one of his wives. He threw the Sanctuary's doctor into the furnace in front of people. I think everyone who is saying about 'Negan's human side' might get a nasty shock at the end.... maybe they'll be reminded what a monster he really is.

      Rick would never have killed anyone if he hadn't come up against assholes - he'd still be farming at the prison, and making a decent life for his kids and friends. Right now he's at the end of his tether and out of his mind with heartbreak, having seen his son die and his friends be brutally murdered at the hands of that nutter. Yes, Negan is charming, super-intelligent, handsome and funny, and has an appealing side. So did Ted Bundy. He's a total narcissist. The fact that he feels a bit emotional about the ex-wife he cheated on, and wants to keep everyone alive so they can work for him doesn't make him a decent guy.

      Anyway, thanks for commenting!!! Yes - Simon's demise will be a good one, I am sure!!

    2. I'm probably not delving deep enough into the minds of the characters like you do, Terry, hence my disinterest in who Rick has become. Hopefully he'll change after reading Carl's letter. Right now, though, he's not even keeping his word, which is something Negan does. I never meant to say that Negan was a decent guy, clearly he's not, but I'm more interested in his story arc at the moment, than that of Rick's.


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