Thursday, 25 October 2018

LEGACY is live! #NewRelease #PostApocalyptic

The final book of the Project Renova series, LEGACY, is now live on Amazon!  Enjoy - and big thanks to everyone who has stuck with me for the whole series.  Huge thanks.  Really.  😍

Click HERE for universal link.

Book 1: Tipping Point
Book 2: Lindisfarne
Book 3: UK2
Associated, stand-alone short stories: Patient Zero

'Out of all the death and destruction has come the freedom to be who we really are.' 

A hundred years after the world was devastated by the bat fever virus, the UK is a country of agricultural communities where motherhood is seen as the ideal state for a woman, new beliefs have taken over from old religions, and the city of Blackthorn casts a threatening shadow over the north of England.  Legacy travels back in time to link up with the characters from Tipping Point, Lindisfarne and UK2. 

Seventeen-year-old Bree feels stifled by the restrictions of her village community, but finds a kindred spirit in Silas, a lone traveller searching for his roots.  She, too, is looking for answers: the truth behind the mysterious death, forty years earlier, of her grandmother.

In 2050, Phoenix Northam's one wish is to follow in the footsteps of his father, a great leader respected by all who knew him―or so his mother tells him.

In 2029, on a Danish island, Lottie is homesick for Lindisfarne; two years earlier, Alex Verlander and the kingpins of the Renova group believe they have escaped the second outbreak of bat fever just in time...

Book #4 of the Project Renova series rebuilds a broken country with no central government or law, where life is dangerous and people can simply disappear ... but the post-Fall world is also one of possibility, of freedom and hope for the future. 


  1. Congratulations big time, TT. As you know, I saw your tweet and just went and clicked ‘buy’! Can’t wait to read it now!!

  2. Congratulations Terry - I'm so pleased for you ... I'm sure the series makes a good read - and certainly covers quite an interesting epoch ... all the best with them - cheers Hilary

  3. Congratulations and best wishes for the launch.

  4. Well done, Terry. Looking forward to reading it.

  5. Loving it. Congratulations, Terry

  6. Just reached halfway through book one... so I've a lot to look forward to. Good luck with this Terry and forgive me if I buy it in due course when I reach it...