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'No exceptions' ~ but lots of surprises... Review: #TWD S9:3 WARNING SIGNS #TWDFamily #TheWalkingDead

Review: S9:2 The Bridge

In praise of S6, and thoughts on Rick's departure 

Thank you, Corey Reed (writer), for the reminder of one of TWD's greatest strengths ~ it is never, ever predictable.  Definitely the best episode so far this series, and one of my favourites for ages.  Lots to ponder on, indeed.

There was me thinking that the 'Final Warning' amongst all those road signs was a suggestion of menace to come (and you know who I mean)Turned out it was just the Justin killer was Cyndie and co, all the time.  Great bit of backstory, and I always thought it was a bit weird that Arat could be forgiven for all she's done...

Looks like they've been too soft on one-time double-dealer Jadis-Anne, too ~ I think the voice on the walkie sounded like Ryan Hurst, soon to play Beta (first appearance in S9:6), so it could be she who brings about The Whisperers.... and Rick really did see that helicopter last season, after all.

Is her about-turn convincing?  Maybe 'Anne' is the person she was, and sometimes believes she can get back to; consider her wistful looks at the art stuff in the museum in Episode 1, and her delight when Morgan told her of Rick's invitation to live at Alexandria.   Has 'Jadis' been brought back just because of the first sign of trouble, or was she always lurking in the background?  As for those As or Bs (Alpha or Beta?), I think we can safely assume the 'A' is the stronger person, as Gabriel has shown himself to be ~ unfortunately for him.

Rick, of course, has always been an 'A' ~ thanks to @sharper_13 on Twitter for reminding me about it... 

I love this development; I thought Jadis was just going to merge into the background as a general member of Rick's gang.

Thing is, Rick, your ideals can become a reality, if everyone is as determined to make them so as you are.  But they're not.  Squashed tomato motif, and all that.

Other stuff I liked:

✧ Richonne
The affection between them, the touching of Carl's handprint on the wall, Rick walking out to his vegetable patches in the early morning light (bit of S4 dΓ©jΓ  vu there); yes, the stuff with Judith was overly cutesy, but TWD only ever does super-corny to contrast it with horrors about to unfold.  The 'family fun day' reminded me of the opening scene of S6:12 Not Tomorrow Yet, with Carol distributing her beet and acorn cookies before Rick returned to announce that they were going off to murder a whole bunch of strangers in their Savior outpost beds.

...for when Rick's reading the Wizard of Oz to Judith, along comes the lovely Scott to bring him back to reality.... (this is just an excuse for a pic of Scott, btw).

Could we see a baby Richonne in future seasons?  At the end of this article I gave my theory on Rick leaving with Judith rather than getting killed... how about Michonne finding out she's pregnant after he's gone?  Am I thinking ahead too much?  But he's now put out in the world the suggestion that she is the person to lead; having seen this episode, I can't help wondering if both he and Maggie will take their children off to live with Georgie The Key lady.

Echoes of the past
That conversation between Rick and Daryl was TWD dialogue magic, as they reverted to cop versus outlaw.  
'Is this the kind of shit you used to do?' 
'Why do they get a future, and Glenn don't?  Or Abraham?  Or Sasha?'
'Look past what has happened to what could happen... like not killing a guy who left your brother on a roof to die'.  
Nice one, Rick ~ but I wasn't sure about Daryl's facial expression afterwards.  Was it 'Yeah, I guess', or 'Shoulda done'?

Daryl said it all, though: 'Bringing all these people together, it was always going to happen'.  Carol knows, too... like she always does.  Listen to her now, Rick... or is it too late?  Maggie announced that her execution of Gregory was not the beginning of something, but she was wrong: maybe in that she was being as idealistic as Rick.  Trouble is, when people have nothing to lose and no one to whom they have to answer, they can afford to follow their gut instinct.

Kal and Maggie
Did anyone else think, oh, come on.... he's even been given some rather scant facial hair and a flopping forelock....!!!   I kind of liked it, though.  

This guy sitting beside me.... I feel like I know him...

Now, with the desertion of the Saviors, the brave new world is falling apart...there's no point in having a council, Rick, unless you're going to truly take on board what they say.
  • Maggie was right: they should have given some (like Alden) the opportunity to join Alexandria, Hilltop or Kingdom if they wanted, and let the rest fend for themselves.  
  • Carol was right: you have to end it before it begins.  
  • Daryl was right: it was better when it was just their group, together.  

  • Did that mark on Michonne's arm have any sinister relevance?
  • How has Laura Savior managed to get her hair so subtly and expertly re-highlighted?

As for what will happen when Daryl and Maggie get to Alexandria, we can only imagine....


  1. This was a great episode. I am loving the contrast between Rick's eternal turn-the-other-cheek attitude and Maggie's "no BS, 4 million chances is enough". Anne/Jadis is feeling like the linchpin here. Rick should never have trusted her after that first massive and deadly betrayal, and now it seems like it's possible he and/or one of his people could pay the ultimate price. Good stuff!

    1. Me too! I think Rick took Carl's letter too literally...!!

      I think it might be Jesus or Enid who pays the price...

  2. Exciting-! Great recap of show as always. I read last night but now commenting. I feel like Rick has become a different person almost from that time of biting that person in the neck eons ago and I like that Darryl reminds him of all that has happened and obvious people missing and why do these killers deserve more life and forgiven?
    I love your theories on Rick making it out alive. I hope that's the case.
    To open the with the man driving the police car to now and know that he is leaving, who will step up and make sure the leader? Seems like Darryl.
    I am happy Rick and Michone (Richone!) are finally getting bliss (well almost 2 years of it with time jump). A baby would be the one thing to help stabilize her grief after Rick's exit.
    On countdown to Rick's exit, the next twist. Loved your remark on hair (LOL!) ;)

    1. Oh yeah - Joe the Claimed guy!!! I really think it's possible that Rick might just leave - otherwise Judith would have to be killed too.... or maybe Maggie will take her??? I think Michonne will be the leader of the communities, but Daryl is set to be the main character. Without Rick, though, he'll be able to do as he wants more.... hmmm!

      I just can't bear the thought of poor Michonne losing Rick...

      Yeah, the hair.... well, we girls notice these things! That's one thing I've always thought of - what would I do about my hair in an apocalyptic world???!! I think I'd go braids!