Tuesday, 28 May 2019

The Park on the 28th: May - Late Spring #Trees #Nature

The park where I go for my walks, photos taken in roughly the same places on the 28th of each month, to observe the changes in seasons: the trees, the flowers, the light in the sky - and the weather!  Each month seems to have its own 'feel', no matter if it's rainy, sunny, overcast, warm or cold on that day.

A few days ago I walked this same trail and some of my favourite parts were beautifully overgrown; I really hoped that the council gardeners wouldn't come along and cut it all down in the meantime, but thankfully they didn't!  It's all so verdant now; lovely.  I admit to taking these on the 26th this month; the weather's been so awful lately that I looked at the weather forecast and saw it had big black clouds all over the 27th and 28th, so I went out on Sunday instead.  For once, the forecast was correct; I got soaked when out this morning!

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Lost my glasses around here; alas, I needed them to find them...

These trees were bare for so long; 
how lush they look now 😊

New this month ~ the laburnum :)

The tree that turns bright red in the autumn

 I stood under these trees in a mass of pink blossom last month!

~ love the wild flowers ~

Amazing smell walking past here; 
reminded me of childhood country walks. 😌

This is the stump of the tree that fell down in October.

Taken in roughly the same place as the pics 
of me taken in Sept and Oct - big difference.


  1. May was our dear late father's favourite month. Lovely photos.

    1. Every time I've walked down the road in the sunshine this month, I've thought about that.

  2. Wow, what a difference! Gorgeous pictures.

  3. I would love to visit you one day just so that you could show me this park – stunning!

    1. Ah, it's just a normal park in any-town.... but I spot the magical bits. And trees are always so!

  4. Stunning again, Terry. I love it how, after what seems so long through the Winter, that Spring takes control with a firm hand and life returns with such an amazing explosion of colour.

    1. Yes - the rain and sudden warmth in May has done wonders!

  5. It looks so peaceful. Very nice.