Thursday 17 September 2015

The Z Files ~ Lynda Renham ~ Aquarius

Welcome to The Z Files, in which writers show how the characteristics of their star sign influence their work; I instructed contributors to take the subject as seriously or as lightly as they wished!  Links to other posts can be found at the end of this one.

Dancing over to my blog in pink wellies, a flat cap and a wonderbra (please see her Amazon page HERE!), the very charming Lynda Renham, a proper off-the-wall Aquarius in the nicest possible way!  Lynda is the first of five (so far) chick lit authors, and a hugely popular one ~ again, please refer to Amazon page :)

So, Ms Renham, how is it for you?

"How does being an Aquarian affect my writing? The fact that I am batty most certainly impacts on my work. In fact I would go as far as to say I am more than a bit batty."

Batty Ms Aquarius with her chick lit heroes?

"I write in my writing room which is also known as The Beach Hut. It has the feel of the beach when you enter. Or maybe I just imagine that. I have never used a desk. I sit with my legs up on my writing couch, which I like to imagine is a chaise longue and I then dream away and tap out my ideas. I have my cat at the end of the couch and music blaring through my headphones and me singing along at the top of my voice. When I wrote ‘Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown’, my most recent novel, I was singing ‘I’ve Put a Spell on You’ on a loop. This is sometimes very disconcerting for the parents who deliver their kids to the local village school next door. I also have a tendency to forget about dinner so that when my poor husband comes home there often isn’t anything to eat.  He is terribly understanding, thank goodness.  Many of my characters are a bit batty too."

"My blog certainly reflects my quirkiness. It’s full of fun and strange things. I discuss all kinds of things on there and I am very open. In fact some readers have said I’m an open book." (link to blog later) 

I agree that Aquarians are very friendly and unprejudiced. I have a fab relationship online with my readers and they help me a great deal when I am promoting a new novel. 

I don’t think I am unreliable, except maybe getting a book delivered on time.  Far thinking?  If writing about Christmas in July is far thinking, then that’s me."

It was the whole picture of Lynda in her 'Beach Hut' that confirmed the batty Aquarian-ness to me (I write at my desk, facing a wall, in silence).  Do have a look at Lynda's 'full of fun and strange things' blog HERE and follow her on Twitter, too!

Now, I have two more Jan/Feb born writers to make up the Holy Trinity of Light Romance Royalty with Lynda...

... water carrying New York Times bestselling author of 
The Princess Diaries, Meg Cabot....

.... and the Aquarian High Priestess of Chick Lit ~ 
Helen Fielding (she's the Bridget Jones lady, in case you don't know!)

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  1. I must say I also write slouched on the sofa with my feet up on an old blanket chest with any old noise going on - my OH is always watching movies and listening to loud music. I've never thought about the how and the where in relation to my star sign, but I think in this respect I'm so like you, Linda, I must have a sliver of the Water Babe in me how did that slip out....

    1. Ahem, before Lynda replies, Val, I would like to point out that Aquarius is an air sign, not a water... but I won't confuse matters! I'll just say I don't know how you two do it! I have to have total silence and my desk.. :)

  2. I loved reading about Lynda. My middle son is an Aquarius and I giggled at the batty reference as its so him! I'm like Terry, I need silence but I can write curled up on a park bench if need be ;)

  3. I love Aquarians, they are always so much fun! Helen Fielding is one of my favourites, I will definitely check out Lynda's work, she sounds like a fun and fabulous author :-)

    1. She's enormously popular, Steffany, so I'd say that if you love chick lit, she's your water carrier!! :^D

  4. Lovely to meet you Lynda :-) I love the sound of the way you I just need to find a beach hut...