Saturday 19 September 2015

The Z Files ~ Sacha Black ~ Pisces

Welcome to The Z Files ~ I invited writers/bloggers to produce a piece about how the characteristics of their star sign show theselves in their work; contributors were told to treat the subject as seriously, lightly or cynically as they like!  For other posts, please click links on the list at the end of this one.

The first Pisces writer to wave her fins at my blog followers ~
 Sacha Black.  I've 'met' Sacha via the blog share days on Twitter, where she posts many an article filled with advice for writers, but a whole bunch of other weird and wonderful stuff, too.  She's just getting her first YA/NA fantasy/dystopian novel ready for publication.

Sacha, please tell us what being a Pisces is like for you...

"By birth I’m a Pisces, but in reality I’m closer to an Aries than a Pisces. I guess that might be because it’s the next star sign, which would make me a hybrid. 

Pisces are said to be creative and intuitive. That’s definitely me, I am extremely creative, and try to bring creativity into everything I do, both at work and naturally through my writing.  Writing isn’t my only creative outlet. I am also a trained nail technician but specialise in patterns and art as opposed to standard nails. I also do pencil portraits." 

"Pisces are said to live in a fantasy world. I less live in a fantasy world, than I do spend all my time creating them for my stories. As a fantasy writer, I am constantly thinking of new fantastical worlds I can conjure for my characters to live and cause chaos in! Perhaps that does make me a little Piscean after all!  (Yes, you've revealed must more Piscean-ness than you probably realise!!)

However, where I differ to a Pisces is that they are weak. One of the words anyone close to me would use to describe me is ‘strong’. This is where I am much more like an Aries. At work I am a leader, I am driven and sadly just like an Aries, I can be brusque and impatient!!"

Indeed, I suspect there may well be a fair bit of Aries lurking round the next coral reef!   The whole nail art and pencil drawings stuff is very fishy, though.  I think it's only the 'lower' types who are weak; the 'higher' of any sign shows less of the negative traits.

Here is the link to Sacha's blog, and you can follow her on Twitter  ~
where she is very Pisceanly kind and helpful, retweeting generously on 'blog share' hashtag days!

... and here are two Piscean writers for Sacha to compare herself with...

First, the cool one ~ beat generation icon Jack Kerouac

... and then there's this lady, who I think wrote some books about a misogynist who ties women up, or something.  I reckon they sold a fair few but I can't for the life of me think what they're called.... 

Coming Next: are you ready for the Scorpio sting? 

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  1. Great post! And Sacha, thanks so much for a new insight into your complex creative life.

    1. Cheers, Barb ~ Sacha is being very watery today and is at a spa, but I will alert her to comments later! :)

  2. Great post. I'm really enjoying reading these. :)

  3. Loving these posts, Terry, and it’s great to get to know a little more about people.

  4. Great to see you Sacha and find out more about you and your artistically creative side :-)

    1. Thanks Georgia :D I loved doing this guest post, was fascinating to learn about how my star sign relates to my writing too :D

  5. Wait, what??? E.L.James? Noooooooooooooooo!!! :p lol. Thank you so much for featuring me Terry, can't tell you how much I appreciate it. <3

  6. Great to meet a fantastic piscean, especially one that writes fantasies...sorry. But yes, the Pisceans I know are kind, gentle, dreamy people, so despite Sacha's leadership skills, it sounds as if she's got a good dose of the fishy traits too! :)

  7. It's nice to meet up with Sacha here on your blog, Terry.