Saturday 26 September 2015

The Z Files ~ Alex Johnson ~ Leo

Welcome to The Z Files, in which writers/bloggers show how the characteristics of their star sign influence their work.  Most of the zodiac has had its first outing now, with many more to come...please see the links at the end of this article for other posts. Thanks for your interest!

Today I'm delighted to introduce my second fellow Lioness, who knows all about Leo glamour ~ Alex Johnson is a journalist and researcher in the beauty and perfume business.  She's published two works of contemporary women's fiction on Amazon: Run Away and The Perfume Muse (links at end of post).... one suspects the latter, in particular, might be very well researched!  Is Alex fiercely feline in her working life, too?

"Never cross a Leo!"

"Strong, opinionated, bossy, stubborn – that describes me and my sister who are both Leos! What an explosive combination! She’s four years older than me, so thought she was entitled to boss me about when I was little, but I wasn’t having any. One day, when she was sitting on me and tickling me till I couldn’t breathe, I managed to grab hold of a pencil and ram it into her arm. More than 50 years later, you can still see the broken-off lead under the surface of her skin…Fortunately, we learnt to keep our fierce leonine tempers (mostly) under control and now we’re best friends"

"Looking at Leo traits, I agree that I’m creative (of course!), warm and charismatic (ahem!) and very determined. My father used to say he didn’t have to worry about me because I “just get on with things.”  I think that’s why I’ve been able to work for myself for 25 years and also found the time to write three novels. My motto is “write a little and every day” and it works for me. 

Julie, the main character of Run Away and The Perfume Muse, is like me in lots of ways: but she’s a lot more gutsy than me and is prepared to turn her life upside down for her new lover. Would I? Well…it is fiction, isn’t it?"

 A lion with perfume ~ Julie, maybe... or Alex??

I chose these famous writers to make up the Leonine trio with Alex:

Emily Bronte, a Leo herself, and you don't get much more Leonine 
than Catherine Earnshaw!

....and the super glamorous Danielle Steele
another lioness with her own perfume...!

I feel I ought to also supply the names of some famous Leo kings and queens of beauty and perfume  ~ how about Coco Chanel and Yves St Laurent?
You can follow Alex on Twitter or check out her books on Amazon UK or

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  1. Hi Terry - Alex looks like the's got herself a healthy niche ... and then to read the traits and see the other Leos - I know it's a strong sign .. the Lion name indicates that ... cheers Hilary

    1. Yes, we do tend to get ourselves 'out there' a bit...!! :) What sign are you, Hilary?

  2. Leos are rather glamorous I think, the point enhanced by having such a wonderful creature as your sign :-) Lovely to find out more about you Alex!

  3. Wow, two Leos in the same family! That must have been fun! Good to have met you here, Alex! I like the sound of The Perfume Muse!

  4. I love the idea of being connected to Coco Chanel - such a strong regal & glamorous woman. And I might just have to steal the image of the lion & perfume to stick up on my office wall...
    Thanks Terry, I'm really enjoying reading these profiles.

  5. Oh dear! Lead still under the skin. That's really making your mark.

  6. Fortunately we can still laugh about it. It's a good thing neither of us bear grudges as it could be explosive! ��

  7. I still have the scar where my brother threw his toy race car at my head! Great post! :)