Monday 6 November 2023

Cover Reveal! RESET - coming soon :)

Publishing later this month...

💥 ✴  R E S E T  ✴ 💥

The final part of the SFV-1 trilogy

Book #1  I N F E C T E D

Book #2  D A R K N E S S

R E S E T  - the blurb 

‘If one person goes out there and gets bitten, the whole place could collapse within hours.’

Danger, deception and devastating decisions set the stage in this final part of the SFV-1 trilogy.

The virus rages on, though Norah and her friends are behind safe walls at last.  Within The Moors community there is peace to be found, but how long can this happy state of affairs continue?

In a secret bunker in Surrey, the Reset consortium is fast-tracking the plan to reclaim the country, with Julian Sweet a key player.  In the North, Flint and his Berserkers are determined to stay independent of any restrictive new laws for as long as possible.

‘It's a luxurious prison that we walked into of our own accord.  Everything you could possibly need within walking distance.  All you need if you're a robot, anyway.’  


  1. Wow they look strong all together. Looking forward to completing the series.

    1. Thanks, D - I hoped they would! xx

  2. Fantastic Terry and looking forward to showcasing once live and reading soon... xx