Thursday 1 November 2018

Days Gone Bye ~ a tribute to Rick Grimes. Part 2. #TWD #TWDFamily #RickGrimes #TheWalkingDead

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He's gone, and we're gutted....

Part 2 of my look back at some unforgettable Rick moments, 
starting with the escape from Terminus....

...and the reunions with both Judith and Carol afterwards.

Resting for a short while in Gabriel's church, 
Carl wants to trust the priest, but Rick reminds him that he is not safe... ever

The Washington fantasy...
With Bob on his deathbed, then the ill-fated mission to 
get Beth back, and the loss of Tyreese, too.

A long, hungry, desperate time on the road ends with a meeting with Aaron, the man from Alexandria.  Will Rick agree to take his family there?

 At Alexandria, Rick knows who should be in charge.  
But he allows Jessie to give him a new look, anyway.

He needed to teach the Alexandrians how to survive...and eventually Deanna got the message.

Then there was the reunion with Morgan and Operation Quarry...

....more problems with Alexandrians, an RV that wouldn't start, and the run home, with hundreds of Walkers in pursuit.

Alexandria overrun...

A trip out with Daryl to find some sorghum - they find Jesus, instead.

....and Rick gets together with Michonne, at last :

Jesus tells them about the Hilltop.... but not about the Saviors.
   ....though Rick soon sorts out the attack on Gregory.

On the search for Carol, admitting to Morgan 
that Michonne did steal his protein bar....

The trip to Hilltop for Maggie, that ends in disaster.

The night before, the morning after, and what could have been....

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  1. I love this, Terry. Of course you do realise you've just set me up for even more tears once Monday comes around WAAAAAAHHHHHH. I have a sudden urge to watch the entire show from Season 1 Episode 1 again - pity I'm doing NaNo LOL!

    1. Shelley, you SO ought to do this - it's even better second time round (okay, and 3rd, 4th, etc..!). You could always do what I do and just keep one afternoon or evening a week for it - I love my Wednesdays!! As for next episode.... I can't even begin to imagine how it will be. And poor Michonne.....