Wednesday, 28 August 2019

The Park on the 28th: August - late summer

On the 28th of each month, I take photos in the park where I go for my regular walks.  I take many in roughly the same places each month, so that we can observe the changes in season - the trees, the plants, the flowers, the weather, and the light in the sky.

August has always been special for me because it's my birthday month, but I've always loved the lazy, hazy feel it has, a step away from reality; I imagine this is a hangover from years gone by, when August meant sandy beaches and the sea, or walking down to the fair on a weekday afternoon to meet some boy, instead of being at school, or, later, drinking too much in sunny pub gardens, knowing that in another month's time it would be too cold to do so.  The whole month still has that dreamlike quality.

I actually took these on the 27th, not the 28th, because I suspected that circumstances would prevent me from taking them today - and as it happened, I'm glad, because the lovely weather of the weekend broke last night.  I could feel autumn in the air; yesterday the early morning had that dampness about it that wasn't there earlier in the month.

I've now done all twelve posts; you can click on the month, below, if you would like to see the previous ones - and next month I intend to do a recap, with a note about why I started this series. 😎

Previous months:

Underneath the foliage in the foreground is the stump of the tree 
that fell over in a storm last year - see October's post in the link above :)

The Flowers are dying now.....

The leaves are turning....

....and starting to fall

Definite touch of autumn about these two pictures!


  1. I'm quite curious to read your recap. This was a fun series. (And, wow, you see signs of autumn early! We generally don't get cooler temperatures or any hints of leaves beginning to change until the end of September...or sometimes even a bit later than that).

    1. That's interesting - but, oddly, I don't think we used to, either. I remember a a couple of decades ago that it seemed that suddenly every September was an Indian summer - but this year I actually noticed some leaf fall in the July pictures!

      I hope you do do a series like this, I'd love to see it!

    2. Thanks. I'm leaning towards doing it! Just need to figure out when to begin. :)

    3. I think the beginning of any one of the seasons is nice ~ there was a reason why I began in September, but I think it made a good starting poing anyway :)

  2. And you're making me seriously consider doing my own monthly series of these sort of posts.

  3. Thanks for doing this, Terry. I really enjoy looking at the photos.

    1. I wish I could carry on, but they'd all be the same as the year before!

  4. These are such lovely posts, Terry. I've followed your year although not always with a comment. I hope you keep doing it, but perhaps in a different location? Maybe a special street that shows how the seasons change in the gardens. Anyway, whatever you do, this was a special record of your park. The trees are just magnificent. It's getting chilly here too. Autumn is definitely in the air over on this side of the channel.

    1. Sorry for being so rude, Val - forgot to acknowledge this at the time! I do have something lined up for when this is finished - it's a new tree, in the park - I've already taken two months' photos! I'll start it next month, after I've done the recap of this.

      Yes, autumn is definitely here now!!!!!!