Monday, 7 October 2019

Review: #TheWalkingDead S:10.01 LINES WE CROSS #TWD #TWDFamily

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S10:01 Lines We Cross
Written by: Angela Kang
Directed by: Greg Nicotero

Thank you, Ms Kang and Mr Nicotero; season 10, and just as good as ever - a cracking first episode that reminded me of the openings to Seasons 3, 4 and 9: we've skipped a bit of time here, so here's a little bit of everyone and everything to show where we're all at now.  As, in my opinion, 3, 4 and 9 were three of the four best seasons (the other being 6), I'd like to think this bodes well.  

It's been such a long road now, as we see the remnants of even the early post-apocalyptic world crumble into dust - the dried up skeletons with the tin can fence remains of those camp sites that survivors used to make back in the early days, the collapsed roads with the rusty car parts.

Still, though, there is that question often talked about by Rick and Glenn - the subject of who we are, when, in a reflection of Negan's observation to Michonne at the end of S8 ('everyone thinks they're the good guys'), Aaron pondered whether they still are.  I hope he doesn't lose his lovely-Aaron-ness in his pain and anger... that would be a shame.  Remember what Michonne said to Tyreese.... anger makes you stupid, and stupid gets you killed.

A few inspired ideas this opening episode - a nice change to see Oceanside.  Love the crashed satellite idea and the fire scenes, and ditto the Walker coming out of the water looking like Jesus with the cross over his shoulder.

The feeling of creeping suspense in this episode was so good ... there are few things more frightening than the foe you suspect might be around the corner, but isn't actually doing anything yet.  A hundred times more scary than any gun fight.  Glad, glad, glad that the writers/directors/producers appear to have realised that this is what makes the show so good; that, and great dialogue ('Do you know why they call bird droppings guano?'  'No. I just call it bird shit'), and plenty of Walker stuff.  The suspense in this, especially when they found the skin, was almost as good as the brilliant final episode of Season 6 (the road to the Hilltop...).

I hope we continue to be reminded of those we have loved and lost - not quite sure why Judith didn't tell RJ that the brave man on the bridge was his dad, but one assumes he will find out at some point. I don't usually do cutesy, but when it comes to Rick's kids, I'm totally up for full-on schmaltz.

As for the fun stuff, I thoroughly approve of the newly slimline Luke, and Rosita's get-up with the long black cardigan thingy - no doubt we will continue to be amused by her fan club playing Daddy, while she gets her general kick-ass-ness back up to speed.

Great to see Daryl with a bit less chaotic hair, talking more, and even signing in a southern accent - and some nice hints of possibility for him; Carol or Connie?  Okay, I know what we all want, but Connie is worthy, too!  Carol and Daryl's scenes brought a tear to my eye, I have to admit, especially when she arrived on the boat ... and didn't you feel Ezekiel's pain?  We've never seen Daryl so insistent that she stay, though.  Hands up who thinks she will  😉

In other areas, I'm not quite sure about this cheesy Dante character - I know he is important in the comics, and I've read that he's going to become Maggie's new love interest when she returns.  I hope Carl would have been pleased to finally see Negan on gardening duty....

Only two things I wasn't so sure about with this episode - this slow motion, Spartacus-action type stuff.  Not necessary.  Would this have happened on Hershel's farm and at the prison?  Come on, producers, keep it real - not all your viewers are 14-year-old gamers!  The other thing was the appearance of Alpha at the end (though I'm still trying to convince myself it was Carol's hallucination) - if it was her, it's too soon.  We need more creepy is-she-around-or-isn't-she stuff yet!  But on the whole I loved it - it was a great all-rounder.

It's lovely to have them back, isn't it?


  1. Great start to the season and fabulous recap post, Terry. Yes, yes, yes, to all of the above. Love that Negan is still his usual self and I wonder if he will get to build a friendship with the Alpha's daughter (totally forgotten her name!) Loved the Carol and Daryl scenes - friendship bracelet anyone LOL. Totally agree with the build up of what could be lurking in the woods vibe, although I did shout 'noooooo' at the telly when Alpha emerged! All we needed was some Wild West music as the camera panned between Alpha and Carol. Can't wait for next week.

    1. Yes, I can see that Negan might do that. Lydia (that's her name) is one of the those characters in whom I have zero interest - like Henry (best thing Alpha ever did, getting rid of that little twerp!) - also, I totally get how some, like Alden, blamed her for the heads on pikes thing.

      Love that Negan still gets some great lines!!!

  2. Christopher Aggett9 October 2019 at 11:34

    I agree with a lot of your thoughts. The only thing of recent episodes that I thought that was a bit far fetched (other than the dead walking around ��) was the big freeze where the kingdom was left because of time passes etc yet the whisperers were walking around the woods that entire time exposed. Other than that I enjoyed the action packed opener.

    1. D'you know, that never occurred to me at the time, but you're absolutely right! There are a few things in the show, generally, that make me go 'Oh, come on...', but I suspend disbelief - I just think they should try to keep it as 'real' as possible. Thank goodness the junkyard lot have gone!